Advanced Journalism Grading System

Leona Marie Guthrie
Reagan High School
San Antonio, Texas

Advanced Journalism Grading System

Each staffer’s grades will be determined by the total number of points earned. All work will be graded by the adviser and /or the editors-in-chief.

Possible Point Values

Errands in school 5 per errand
Errands outside of school 15 per errand
Trips to photography store, Boyd’s Camera 50 per errand
Trips to the printer, San Antonio Press 300 per errand
Extra hours 25 per hour
Advertising (signed business cards) 10 per card
Ads sold 10 per dollar sold
Advertising notebook (part of portfolio) 100 per quarter
Designing ad layouts 50 per ad
Special ad designs (half/full page ads) 100 per ad
Typesetting ads 25 per ad
Class Work
Daily Work 10 per sheet
Portfolios 300 per six weeks
Posters 40 per poster
Weekly Calendar 10 per entry
Submitting interview questions for pre-check 20 per story
submitting/keeping answers to interviews 10 per interview
Writing any article over 250 words 50 per article
Writing any article over 500 words 100 per article
Each rough draft 300 possible
Each final draft 300 possible
Writing over the required amount of stories 100 per story
Typesetting stories other than your own 50 per story
Designing a page/placing all stories, headlines, cutlines, artwork, ads, folios, jumps, bylines, etc. 500 possible
Headlines and Cutlines
Each headline written and used 25 per headline
Each cutline written and used 25 per cutline
Artwork and Photos
Mugshots 50 possible
Action photos used 300 possible
Photo illustrations used 200 possible
Correctly proportioned artwork/photos 25 per cut
Scanned artwork and photos 200 possible
Work Days
Official weekend work days 100 per day
Extra hours 25 per hour
Attending Conventions and Journalism Social Activities
National (JEA, ASNE, Poytner) 500
Regional (SIPA) 400
State (TAJE, UIL, ILPC) 300
District (UIL, NIE) 200
Workshops (if notes are submitted) 25 per class
Social Activities participation 25 per event
First place 400
Second place 300
Third place 200
Honorable Mention 100
Participating 50
Editors’ Points (all are possible points provided editor has fulfilled all responsibilities as stated in constitution and staff manual)
Editor in Chief 2000
Managing editor 1500
Photo Editor/Darkroom manager 1500
Business manager/Ad editor 1000
Online editor 1000
Video editor 1000
Section editor/layout editor 500
Sports editor 500
News editor 500
Features 500
People 500
Entertainment 500
Opinions 500
First Day beyond deadline -150 (pink slip)
Second Day beyond deadline -300 (work reassigned)
Second Missed deadline removal from staff
Not meeting ad quota no ads sold -1000
$80 sold -200
$60 sold -400
$40 sold -600
$25 sold -800
$10 sold -900
Gold Slip 50 per slip
Any work published in another media 300
AB Honor Roll 25
A Honor Roll 50
Distinguished Achievement Honor Roll 75
Perfect Attendance 50
Meeting Ad quota 250
Fundraisers 10 per dollar sold

Ad Quota

All staffers are responsible for selling at least ___________ in advertising. (To be filled in by publication’s editor)

Ad managers must multiply this amount by five per six weeks.

Community Service

Volunteer hours 25 per hour (maximum 500 points)

Point Scale

3000 100
2900 95
2800 90
2700 85
2600 80
2500 75
2400 70

Student’s making over 3000 cannot save them for the next grading period. They will be honored with awards and prizes at the social functions.

I have read the point system and agree to abide by this grading system while I am a member of the staff.

Staffer’s signature__________________________________________date_______________

I have read the point system and agree to allow my child to stay on staff. I understand this form of evaluation will be used to determine my child’s grade for this course.

Parent/Guardian Signature___________________________________date_______________