Fundraising, Advertising and Marketing

Teachers tell us that fundraising and marketing are two of their biggest challenges for student media programs. Alumni of the Reynolds High School Journalism Institute shared the following ideas to increase revenue and create traditions that will grow your program:

  • See if your local newspaper will print your paper at cost.
  • Create special issues of the paper on topics, such as graduation, that will draw certain types of ads (flowers, limousines, formal wear, etc.).
  • Ask local newspapers and other businesses to donate old computer equipment.
  • Seek out ads for part-time or summer jobs from local businesses and organizations, as well as ads from the military and technical colleges.
  • Host and charge admission for a yearbook signing party.
  • Charge other departments at school for desktop publishing jobs, such as designing and printing invitations for a sports team dinner, etc.
  • Host a pizza and/or karaoke night at a local restaurant.
  • During spirit week, set up a both so students can have their picture taken with a cardboard cut-out of someone famous; before Christmas, do photos with Santa.
  • If there is not already a designated vendor, then consider selling snacks a couple of days each week during lunch.
  • Take and sell photos from the prom, homecoming, sports and other events.
  • Host a powder puff or faculty-student sporting event.
  • Create and sell a faculty cookbook or calendar.
  • Sponsor a “donation drawing” for a limo ride and dinner. Note the specific wording — some schools do not allow raffles!
  • Cake and ice cream sales and car washes are tried and true fundraisers.


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