Sample Agreements

Sample agreements for staff, parents and adviser from Becky Finegan, Lakeview High School, Battle Creek, Mich.

To create the best working relationship, it is important that we all agree on expectation Please consider the following expectations, and if you agree to them, sign and return this contract by


I grant my permission for my child to leave campus on newspaper errands, relieving the school and adviser of all responsibility.

I grant my permission for my child to drive (if he/she is a legally licensed driver) off campus on newspaper-related errands, relieving the school and adviser of all responsibility.

I understand that my child will need to devote time outside of class to the completion of assigned tasks as outlined in the staff handbook.

I understand that my child will be working with specialized equipment and supplies and will be held responsible for any damage and/or waste due to my child’s neglect.

I understand that if my child is going to be absent, he/she needs to call the adviser at
prior to class.

I understand that my child will be responsible for assisting with financial aspects of the publication (including newspaper and advertising sales) and that it will be a part of the evaluation criteria.


(Parent signature) (Date)


Staff member

I understand that I might be asked to leave campus on staff-related assignments and pledge to behave responsibly, reflecting the best of myself, the staff, and the school.

I understand that should I be asked to drive off-campus, I am to drive responsibly, realizing the consequences of inappropriate behavior.

I have been made fully aware that I may be asked to devote outside time in order to complete assigned tasks for deadline times. I commit myself to making time for newspaper.

I understand the importance of publication’s’ equipment and supplies and pledge to treat them with respect. Should I neglect or abuse the materials, I will repair or replace them.

I understand the importance of my being on staff and, for whatever reason, when I need to be absent from class, I will make the adviser aware of my absence.

I understand that I am expected to help with the financial commitment of the publication, including advertising and newspaper sales.

I understand that failure to abide by the terms of this contract can lead to my dismissal from the staff.


(Staff signature) (Date)




As the adviser, I understand a staff member has other obligations and responsibilities; therefore, I will make sure each staff member understands the commitment that is being made prior to assuming a responsibility. I want open lines of communication.

Please feel free to call me either at school during my planning or at home. Those numbers are:


Thank you for your cooperation and effort in making this the best year ever!


(Adviser signature) (Date)