Sample Production Schedules

Tips put together at the 2001 ASNE High School Journalism Institute.

A monthly paper — 8 to 32 pages

Week one

  • Brainstorm story ideas at editorial board planning session
  • Assign stories, photos and art.
  • Develop angles, questions, sources
  • Interview, research, write.

Week two

  • First draft is due Monday to section/page editors for review.
  • Second draft is due Friday
  • Any available photo/art accepted for placement.
  • Editors work up “dummy sheets”

10 days before press

  • Final draft due (error free) to adviser
  • All photo and art due.
  • Note: Exceptions for copy and photos of events taking place the week before press.

5 days before press

  • All copy and art are completed.
  • All layouts are complete and reviewed by editorial board.
  • Give paper to administrator is prior review is required.

2 days before press

  • Adviser completes final review with editor(s) for any errors or last-minute changes or inserts
  • Print and distribute!

A weekly paper — 4 to 8 pages

A weekly paper requires a seven-day lead. For example, if you go to press on Thursday evening, for Friday distribution, planning sessions and story assignments should be made on the Thursday of the preceding week. Advertising space is also reserved at this time.


  • Photos and art are due to be scaled and scanned
  • Long-term assignments that require in-depth reporting are discussed


  • Stories are due to editors for first review.


  • Stories are resubmitted to editors for final review.
  • Camera-ready art/advertising is due.

Thursday (Deadline day!)

  • Layout is finished by editors.
  • Inserts are accepted until 3 p.m.
  • Paper is printed overnight.
  • Editorial board meets to brainstorm next issue.


  • Distribute paper!
  • Assign stories
  • Begin layout, interviewing and writing for next issue