What is News?

ASNE lessons created for use with the What is News? Training Module

Day 1
What is News? lesson

Day 2
What is News? lesson

Day 3
What is News? lesson

Other lessons from ASNE

What Does It Take to Write a Good Story?
By helping to develop and employ good research and interviewing skills, this unit aims at helping students write good stories. Students will be taught some specific journalistic rules for writing — and that the lesson is ongoing (and perhaps lifelong!)

What is News: Two Sources of Story Ideas
Two lessons/handouts for getting students to think like journalists. One asks them to write down quotes — what people are talking about — in notebooks. The other asks them to read news publications and magazines for school-specific story ideas.

Journalism Scavenger Hunt
A fun introduction to journalism for students that requires a variety of resources and search techniques.

Good Ideas Start Long Before Brainstorming
This lesson plan highlights the importance of observing the world around you as a way to uncover good story ideas. It also explains the difference between a story idea and a topic and how to tell if a story is newsworthy.

Understanding What Makes a Good News Story
A plan and chart to help students think about what makes a good news story in addition to examining who such a story would assist and who it would harm.