Basic Design Lesson – Day One

Prepared by: Jami Williams, Mexico High School, Mexico, Missouri

Students will learn the basics of newspaper design including vocabulary


  1. PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Group Research
  3. Collaborative Consensus


  1. Level 1 (Basic) understanding of basic design rules
  2. Level 1 (Basic) application of design rules to help generate a style guide


  1. Basic Design PowerPoint Day 1
  2. Editable Newspaper Style Guide
  3. What Do We Look Like? questioning guide


Steps to check for student understanding

  1. Teacher will do frequent comprehension checks in the form of Classroom Assessment Techniques (thumbs up, thumbs down; exit slip in the form of post-it note summary)
  2. This module will contain guidance for students and teachers to work toward making decisions and putting assets in place for future production. Keep in mind that you are creating valuable tools for future use. Emphasize this to your students as well.


  1. Suggested bell ringer: Would you rather look at a series of pictures or watch a video when learning to do something? Account for your preference.
  2. Teacher will present the PowerPoint.
  3. Teacher will distribute the What Do We Look Like? questioning guide and Newspaper Style Guide.
  4. Students will work in three groups to complete the work, looking for fonts and finding flags that they like and would like to consider for their own newspaper.
  5. Students will present their preferences.
  6. Teacher should guide students in making a reasonable decision in the style of a flag as well as fonts and other components in the style guide.
  7. The style guide should be filled out. NOTE: The guide provided includes some standard rules but they are the preference of the author. Anything in the guide can be changed or corrected to suit the preferences of the teacher or adviser. The rules in there are based on nothing more than an inherited tradition from a previous adviser. Teachers should consult the AP Stylebook for more suggestions or answers to questions.


  1. Exit slip: Why do you think it is important to stick with one consistent style when it comes to design?