Broadcast News Producing Training

 About this Lesson

Jeimmie Nevalga
Assistant Professor
Radio/TV Journalism
Missouri School of Journalism
University of Missouri

TV news producers are in high demand. While there are plenty of people who want to be in front of the camera, the real decision-making positions are behind the scenes. The producer has many duties, which include deciding the order and length of each story within the newscast. Even thought it’s a big team effort to build a newscast, ultimately producers decide what the audience gets to watch.

What you will learn

After completing this unit, you should be able to:

  • Identify the basic parts of a newscast
  • Put stories in order that will make sense to the viewer
  • Learn the basics of writing teases and headlines

How the lesson works

First of all, this is an asynchronous lesson unit, which means no live events are scheduled for this lesson. You can complete learning activities at your own pace whenever is convenient for you. Despite the asynchronous nature, the learning tasks are organized to help you succeed.

To be successful in this unit, please complete the following tasks:

• Watch the lecture.
• Take the quiz to test your own understanding.  This will help you to strengthen the concepts you just learned.
Optional: Due to the amount of content to be covered in a single unit, we encourage you read these additional resources. Some of the quiz questions might come from the readings in Additional Resources section.

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Direction: Some of the questions might from the readings in Additional Resources below


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Lesson Resources

Lecture Script: Download it here

Printable Quiz: Broadcast News Producing

ASNE Classroom Resources

Lessons: Broadcast News Producing

Additional Resources

Diana Marzalek, TVNewsCheck, “Want to break into TV news? Think producer

Michelle Emard, Poynter, “Producing Solid Newscasts

Deborah Potter, Advancing The Story, “TV news producing tips

WBA Newsroom, “Tips for writing news promos and teases

Roy Peter Clark, Poynter, “Missing the great game story lead


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