College Planning

As you scramble to finish homework, study for tests and keep up with your social life, it might seem like graduation day is a distant goal. But it will be here before you know it. Figuring out what to do after high school isn’t easy, but you should begin considering options as early as your freshman year. The more education you receive, the more money you will make over the course of your career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates earned an average of $41,288 in 2011 while people with bachelor’s degrees earned $71,552. If you decide college is right for you, start planning early. You will need to decide where to go and what to major in, as well as take any required tests and complete applications.

Visit this Federal Student Aid site for more information on financial aid, choosing a school, choosing a career, taking required tests and applying to schools.

Go here for more information about the SAT, and go here for more information about the ACT. You will want to find out which test is preferred by your college of choice.

Read through this college prep timeline to make sure you’re on track. Learn about colleges and universities to make informed decisions. Try this using this search engine to find out with accredited universities are in your home state! It shows online programs, as well.

Explore career options.

Thinking about going to J School? Check out these programs that have been ACEJMC-accredited so you know they’re the best of the best!

For a non-traditional journalism school experience, there are online degree programs available for those who might have outside commitments, such as work or family.

Five Missouri School of Journalism alumni talked to a packed room of high school students from around the U.S. about what to expect from a college-level journalism program, emphasizing the importance of starting early on developing expertise and a following. Find Your Context helps you find the perfect degree for your life, goals, and circumstances. We lean on industry-best analytics and an unmatched network of relationships to link you with the right program. Our information and resources for prospective students is FREE for anyone interested.

Accredited Colleges – Review schools nationwide including reviews, tuition costs and scholarships.