Fact-checking resources

As journalists, students must understand the importance of finding facts, verifying these facts and ensuring accuracy in stories before disseminating information. Handled carelessly, inaccurate facts in stories have the power to cause serious miscommunication among readers. It is essential that journalists apply vigorous fact-checking to all facets of the media.

Here are some fact-checking resources teachers can use in the classroom:

Global Fact Checking
Poynter has an entire section of their website devoted to the coverage of fact-checking around the world.

American Press Institute’s Fact-checking Journalism Project
The American Press Institute is also leading a project to increase and improve fact-checking. Each week, the website publishes a roundup from the world of fact-checking.

The News Literacy Project Teachable Moments
The News Literacy Project discusses fact-checking presidential candidates.

For more tips on fact-checking in the classroom, check out SchoolJournalism.org’s page on news, information and media literacy.