Media Literacy Week kicks off around the United States

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The National Association for Media Literacy Education defines media literacy as “the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, communicate and create using all forms of media.”

“Media Literacy is of utmost importance for young student journalists,” NAMLE Executive Director Michelle Ciulla Lipkin said.

As the media and news landscape continues to evolve, young journalists must understand core media literacy skills so they can comprehend issues of bias, privacy, credibility and agenda

NAMLE is a national membership organization committed to expanding the practice of Media Literacy education around the country.

“Over the years, I have been asked many times when the U.S. would be launching our own efforts,” she said. “I finally realized that it was time to take a leap and launch Media Literacy Week here in the U.S. I am thrilled by the response we have received. Our goal was to have 100 partners. We have already surpassed that goal and the list grows every day.”

ASNE is one of the more than 100 partners supporting this effort. Additionally, ASNE leads national media literacy education efforts with its National Community and News Literacy Roundtables and news literacy curriculum for social studies, English/ language arts, math and science classes. ASNE also offers more than 40 lesson plans and other resources on news, information and media literacy at its website.

Contact NAMLE at [email protected] for more information or go directly to the NAMLE teacher page and resource page on the website for more tips and tricks. Follow Media Literacy Week on Twitter @MediaLiteracyEd and use the hashtag, #MediaLitWk, to follow how other students and teachers across the country celebrate Media Literacy Week.


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