Photography and Cutlines Lesson – Day Three

Prepared by: Jami Williams, Mexico High School, Mexico, Missouri

Students will understand cutlines and evaluation of photojournalistic attributes in work by peers.


  1. PowerPoint presentation
  2. Guided writing/workshop with facilitator
  3. Independent learning activity


  1. Level 2 (Proficient) application of photo techniques and cutline writing
  2. Level 2 (Proficient) evaluation of photo techniques in photojournalism


  1. Photography & Cutline PowerPoint Day 3
  2. Picture It This Way photos from students (each student should hold on to their own photos)
  3. Cutline Writing worksheet
  4. Manilla folders – one per student to store their photos in
  5. Portfolio evaluation sheet


Steps to check for student understanding:

  1. Teacher will do frequent comprehension checks in the form of Classroom Assessment Techniques (thumbs up, thumbs down; exit slip in the form of post-it note summary).
  2. Students will be bringing in photos the day after this assignment that can be assessed for learning level and understanding.


  1. Suggested bell ringer: Did you find it difficult to photograph with parameters on what you could photograph or did you find it helpful? Explain.
  2. Teacher will present the PowerPoint.
  3. Students should produce their photos from the homework assignment. Teacher may want to have them print them out.
  4. Teacher will distribute the cutline worksheets and explain that the students will use their photos from yesterday to write cutlines.
  5. Teacher should give the students plenty of time to work. Some will have trouble with switching between present tense and past tense. Make sure to monitor their work closely as they work.
  6. Once they have finished up, teacher should distribute the folders and ask the students to label each of their photos by the name of the assignment and write the cutline on the photo then place them in the folders.
  7. Teacher should collect folders, add the evaluation sheets and distribute making sure that no student ends up with their own folder. They will be expected to do peer evaluations for each other’s photo portfolios as an individual learning activity.


  1. Exit slip: Did you like the photography assignment and do you think you might want to be a photographer? Why do you think you would make a good photographer or why might you be better at something else?