Types of Ledes for Feature Writing

Delayed lede

Triggers the readers curiosity or raises an important concern:

Without the passage of the April tax levy, Mexico High School knew the odds were slim to none in favor of building a new computer lab. When the levy failed to pass, hope began to fail as well. But things took an upswing when local businessman and former English teacher Bill Hoskins presented the board with a check for the exact estimated amount of construction costs for the multi-million dollar facility.

Suspense lede

Begins with a clever or interesting example that illustrates the storys theme. The news is placed in the second sentence (delayed for one sentence to make room for the hook):

Mexico High School may not have passed their April tax levy, but that doesnt mean they wont be building a new computer lab. Thanks to a generous donation from a local businessman and former teacher, construction will begin on May 30. 

Descriptive lede

Paint a picture for the reader before they reach the meat of the story:

Glass and steel, such a harsh contrast to the traditional red brick of the towering facade of Mexico High School. The planned computer lab would have been a juxtaposition to the overall appearance of the current facility.