Advice for our Students

Here are some tips from four professionals for students interested in pursing a career in print, broadcast, or radio. Feel free to share these tips with your students:

640px-fearless_50050“I’d say my best advice for those wanting to get into the profession comes from my old news director atKOMU, Stacey Woelfel. I was constantly nervous about live shots or covering hard stories. He told me to ‘be fearless’ and that’s always stuck with me. In journalism, you’re constantly thrust into uncomfortable situations whether it’s talking to a murder victim’s family or holding a public official accountable. You need to muster up the confidence and remember who you’re doing this for: the viewer. You never know how a story can touch someone’s life.”
– Christie Nicks Fox 39

“Journalism is not a 9 to 5 job. Covering early morning events and late night meetings is the norm. Work hard. Be kind. Respect authority. Be aware of deadlines and get your copy to your production staff in a timely fashion.”
– Annette Marshall Jersey County Journal

“My best advice would probably be to do everything you can to get your foot in the door. If there is any kind of opportunity in the media industry you are interested in, take a chance. From there it’s a matter of taking advantage of further opportunities. The more interest you show, the more opportunities you are going to be given when starting out.”
– Colin Schowe KLPW

“Take classes in high school that allow creative speaking or thought. Creative writing, speech, debate, etc. Make sure your syntax and grammar are of the highest quality. Learn to speak well and enunciate clearly. Learn to write AP style. Learn how to write, period. Start a blog. Make sure your public speaking skills are of the highest quality, also. Learn to communicate on a one-on-one level.”
– Randy Raley Planet Radio