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Jobs in the Newsroom

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This handout is designed for our newsroom. In other newsrooms, there are other positions, but these are the ones that we will focus on filling in our newsroom.

Managing Editor

  • Responsible for all content in the paper, including corrections
  • Manages staff and content
  • Makes decisions at the student level about content and inclusion
  • Reports directly to the adviser
  • Writes, proofreads, and does clean-up work for each edition
  • Works directly with staff to help achieve the best possible product from each staff member
  • Qualifications:
    • Must have at least a “B” in all previous English classes
    • Must have at least one year of journalism
    • Must pass proofing test with a 90% or above (may be taken twice)
    • Must complete application
    • Must apply before process of first edition production begins

Design Editor

  • Responsible for overall appearance of newspaper
  • Works directly with editor to make decisions on placement and design
  • Qualifications:
    • Must have proven experience with software that will be used to layout the newspaper 
    • Must be able to pass a proficiency test on the software administered by the adviser
    • Must provide access to an online portfolio or a hardcopy of a design portfolio
    • Must complete application
    • Must apply before process of first edition production begins
    • Must have access to internet after school hours and be willing to work from home during hard deadlines

Advertising Coordinator

  • Responsible for tracking and organizing advertising sales, proofing and invoicing process
  • Will track inches sold monthly and help students maintain updated advertising files
  • When required, must run proofs and assist with day-to-day operations during sales weeks
  • Works closely with Design Editor to maintain no-compete spacing in newspaper on a regular basis.
  • Qualifications:
    • Must have excellent people and presentation skills
    • Must be a licensed and insured driver
    • Must pass a basic math skills test
    • Must complete application
    • Must apply before process of first edition production begins

Junior editor and assistant positions will be opened up to all first year students after the first semester. Students who have previously served as junior editors or assistants to any position will be given first consideration for all positions. 

The decision of the adviser is final. Should any student in a position of authority be involved in any major disciplinary action either in school or out of school, they will be removed from their position immediately and that position will be filled by another qualified candidate if available. 

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