News Literacy Project publishes new videos useful for teachers

The News Literacy Project regularly updates a portion of their website titled the Learn Channel, which is filled with video lessons and talks from professional journalists on topics, such as social media, prioritizing accuracy in breaking news situations and citizen journalism. The most recent addition to the Learn Channel’s classroom-friendly content is a segment from Elis Estrada, an investigative reporter for a local broadcast station in New York City. Estrada’s explanation of watchdog journalism is useful for a lesson on news literacy or any journalism class.

By discussing a time where a story she produced resolved poor living conditions in her community, Estrada encouraged students to become watchdog journalists. She discussed objectivity and familiarity with government organizations, which are also helpful for understanding news literacy.

“Sometimes even the biggest national stories start with the work of a local reporter who knows a beat and is listening to concerned citizens,” Estrada said.

The second video titled “NLP Impact” serves as an excellent introduction to the power of news literacy education for students beginning a news literacy unit or school administrators implementing a news literacy program.

Through interviews and classroom footage, the video illustrated how the NLP has influenced students and teachers. Several students explained how learning about news literacy has made them better journalists, media consumers and citizens. Teachers thought there was a noticeable difference in students’ interest in government and current events before and after they learned about news literacy.

The News Literacy Project is an educational program that brings journalists and teachers together to give students the skills to sort fact from fiction in the digital world. For more video content on news literacy or to get involved with the NLP, visit