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2015 AP Stylebook ready to launch May 27

A national holiday for editors is quickly approaching. The 2015 AP Stylebook will launch May 27, a day copy editors across the country will begin poring (not pouring) over the new and changed rules (and making cheesy style jokes). Some basic style rules are not likely to change in 2015. For example, the word towards should be banished in the eyes of the AP. And there are very specific rules to follow when it comes to capitalizing titles: Capitalize formal titles when they come directly before a person’s name. Lowercase titles when they are not used with a person’s name or if the title comes after the name or is set off by commas. Now it’s your turn. While editors await the new AP...  Read More »

Teachers to attend last Reynolds High School Journalism Institute

COLUMBIA, Missouri — The Youth Journalism Initiative of the American Society of News Editors will continue its national effort to inspire youth in the ever-changing world of journalism by training 140 secondary-school teachers at the 2015 Reynolds High School Journalism Institute. The Institute provides comprehensive journalism training and hands-on experience. Through the Reynolds High School Journalism Institute, teachers learn how to help students gain stronger reporting, writing, editing, multimedia, design and entrepreneurial skills needed to start or improve student news media organizations and understand the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment and their rights and ethical responsibilities...  Read More »

Reader comments pose challenges for online media

School newspapers have traditionally served as forums for student expression by publishing letters to the editor, op-eds and columns, but the transition to an online platform has changed the way many school newspapers interact with their audiences. Comment sections of online newspapers instantly give readers a voice. This increased access comes with difficulties, however, as seen recently in the professional media. News organizations continue to grapple with the challenge of fostering candid reader discussions while maintaining civility. “Reader comments are still a subject of debate for student media, just like for their professional counterparts,” said Mark Goodman, professor and...  Read More »

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Why do you teach scholastic journalism?

Watch teachers from the 2014 ASNE/Reynolds High School Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri articulate the purpose and value of scholastic journalism.

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