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Scholastic Journalism Community Gathers at Spring JEA/NSPA Convention

Over 3,000 people in the scholastic journalism community gathered this month in San Diego, Calif., to attend the Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association's Spring National High School Journalism Convention. Advisers, students, advertisers and representatives from various scholastic journalism organizations, including SchoolJournalism.org, came together to “make waves” — the theme of the convention — in the conversation on how best to integrate journalism...  Read More »

First Lady’s trip to China an opportunity for engagement, collaboration

Members of SchoolJournalism.org’s Advisory Board recently participated in a press call with officials at the White House regarding the First Lady’s recent visit to China. This is the second in a series of stories written by Advisory Board members following the call. First Lady Michelle Obama has always had an influential role on the nation’s youngest generation. She has shown a commitment to higher education for lower socioeconomic groups, an effort that directly connects to her...  Read More »

Educator provides ways to teach social media skills in journalism classes

An instructor teaching young journalism students about social media seems about as backwards as dogs teaching their owners new tricks. With buzzwords like “the digital era,” “new media” and “Web 2.0,” it would appear that those who grew up in that era (students) would know more about new technologies than their predecessors (teachers). Social media – or social networking, in general – is much more complex than hashtags, status updates and selfies though. In the realm of journalism...  Read More »

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