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Tribune News Service

The Tribune News Service, formerly MCT Campus, offers professional journalists’ stories, photos, graphics, illustrations and web content to school news organizations (Grades 5-12) for a one-time application fee of $100. Click here for more information!


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Why do you teach scholastic journalism?

Watch teachers from the 2014 ASNE/Reynolds High School Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri articulate the purpose and value of scholastic journalism.

JEA mentees benefit from Reynolds High School Journalism Institute

JEA mentees benefit from Reynolds High School Journalism Institute

The Reynolds High School Journalism Institute and the JEA Mentor Program help beginning journalism teachers make a successful transition into journalism teaching. The mentor program relies on the expertise of veteran teachers who can help fledgling advisers develop effective instructional strategies and apply theoretical knowledge. The Institute, administered by the American Society of News Editors’ Youth Journalism Initiative, provides advisers with an immersion experience that helps them do a better job advising their media programs. The teachers get in-depth instruction on journalism skills...  Read More »

First Amendment education goes beyond the textbook

In Peter Paccone’s classroom, every Monday is “First Amendment Monday.” The San Marino High School social studies teacher encourages students in his U.S. government classes to look for news stories and editorials that raise First Amendment issues and email him a description and a link for extra credit points. Then, each Monday, Paccone begins his classes by describing a First Amendment issue that has been in the news. Paccone, who has taught social studies for 27 years, said he thinks it’s important to teach the First Amendment in schools so that instead of just telling students that...  Read More »

Meet the Reynolds High School Journalism Institute directors

The Reynolds High School Journalism Institute’s four directors help shape the program and guide participants in their learning each summer. Under the leadership of Steve Elliott, Candace Perkins Bowen, Roger Gafke and George Sylvie, participants receive invaluable instruction and networking opportunities that transform their careers. Many participants continue the professional relationships they establish with each of the directors and other participants after they return to their schools. Teachers may apply for any location that fits their schedule. There is no cost to the teacher to attend....  Read More »

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