Plan now for Constitution Day: Teach the First Amendment

Teachers can prepare now to teach the First Amendment as part of Constitution Day on Sept. 17 with the materials and ideas below. Many teachers incorporate First Amendment instruction into their curriculum on a weekly basis by using news articles to discuss First Amendment issues. In Peter Paccone’s classroom, every Monday is “First Amendment Monday.” The San Marino High School social studies teacher encourages students in his U.S. government classes to look for news stories and editorials...  Read More »

Mini-grants give classrooms premium access to Checkology — a news literacy e-learning platform

The News Literacy Project is offering teachers a new cutting-edge e-learning platform and first-rate resource for the classroom. The Checkology™ e-learning platform incorporates many of the best practices in e-learning, including self-pacing, blended and experiential learning, personalization, rich formative assessment, and student challenges….just to name a few. “We decided to create the platform because the demand for news literacy programming and resources across the country is great a...  Read More »

Citizens around the country promote open government during Sunshine Week

Across the country, citizens are celebrating access to public information during Sunshine Week, March 13-19. The goal of Sunshine Week is to promote a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information. Here are just a few highlights of Sunshine Week planned during the week all over the country: On March 12, the Chicago Headline Club, Loyola University Chicago and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation are hosting the fourth annual FOIA Fest at Loyola University Chicago’s...  Read More »

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Life Lessons Thanks to Yearbook

We asked six women, ranging in age from 24 to 58, what life lessons their time on a yearbook staff taught them. Their honest and enlightening answers are ones that not only back up the true learning experience time spent producing a yearbook provides for students, but can also serve as inspiration for your current yearbook staff members and their parents. What do you learn in yearbook? Well, from the snapshot provided here, more than first meets the eye. Juli Schuster, age 50, Art Teacher in Missouri “I became a member of the Wentzville High School yearbook staff during my junior year in high school. Up until that time I was a bit of a loner. Being on the yearbook staff taught me, for...  Read More »

If You Build It, They Will Come: Take a Localized Approach to Reach More Journalism Students in Your Area

As more and more schools face budget cuts, there are many scholastic journalism programs housed in school districts that can no longer afford to have students travel out of state for a national conference. Some districts have such tight budgetary restrictions that even taking a weekday off for one closer to home is out of the question. Weekend regional workshops can be the answer. Sept. 24, the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association, along with SchoolJournalism, partnered with East Central College to present such a workshop. Pre-registration via an online form was required for each student. Students attended on his or her own without the need for an adviser or chaperone in attendance. This was cost effective in that journalism advisers did not need to pay ...  Read More »

Put your publication or school on the map

Ever since Staley, another high school in our North Kansas City School District, got a Geofilter, Oak Park students have been really salty, aka upset. During the summer I considered making a geofilter, but I never got around to it. When school started again, all I heard about was Staley had one and we didn’t. A couple weeks into school that changed. I learned how to make a Geofilter! I talked to a group of friends; and I sent them a few different samples. Based on their input, I made some tweaks, but I didn’t end up using any of the drafts. Instead, I created a whole new one. The process of making the filter was actually pretty simple: I searched YouTube with “how to...  Read More »

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