Printer Specifics

When you call to speak to a prospective printer for your newspaper or news magazine, there are things, other than the price that you will need to know. Here are some questions to ask and some things to know before you make that call.
For you to know before you call:
  • How often will you be printing?
  • Do you want to print in full color on every page or on the front and back only?
  • Will you use spot color? (one color used in specific spaces to enhance stories and advertising)
  • How many pages will your paper be?
  • What size are you printing? (broadsheet means tall and skinny, tabloid is half of a broadsheet and is more square)
  • How are you going to be billed and how are you allowed to pay?
For you to find out when you call:
  • What is the print area?
  • Can you print when you have chosen to print?
  • Should you build in CMYK color or in RGB color?
  • How many days before printing does the paper have to be submitted?
  • How do you submit electronically?
  • Will there be someone who can help you if you have problems with the submission process?
  • Do they want the paper as one full PDF or are they going to ask for each page individually?
  • What is their policy in case there is a problem with the printing such as blurred or dirty color?
  • Can you print the same day each month?
  • Can you print editions with increased or decreased number of pages?
  • What is the process for changing the print date?
  • How much is full color for front and back compared to what it cost to run the full paper in color?
  • How much is spot color?
  • Do you have to sign a contract?
  • What is the weight of the paper and is it gray/white or white? (this makes a difference in the quality of color)
Most printers will send you a bid that includes all of the information necessary to make your decision including the cost of printing.