Web Design Lesson – Day Two

Prepared by: Jami Williams, Mexico High School, Mexico, Missouri

Students will understand the basic elements of aesthetic design for a news website


  1. PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Guided implementation
  3. Like and Like Collaboration
  4. Peer mentoring


  1. Level 2 (Proficient) application of basic elements of aesthetic design for news website
  2. Level 2 (Proficient) generation of a personal website on a majority platform


  1. Web Design PowerPoint Day 2
  2. Website Planner


Steps to check for student understanding

  1. Teacher will do frequent comprehension checks in the form of Classroom Assessment Techniques (thumbs up, thumbs down; exit slip in the form of post-it note summary)
  2. This module will contain guidance for students and teachers to work toward making decisions and putting assets in place for future production. Keep in mind that you are creating valuable tools for future use. Emphasize this to your students as well.


  1. Suggested bell ringer: You’re creating a fan website for your favorite person. Who would you choose and what would be the tagline?
  2. Teacher will present the PowerPoint.
  3. Teacher will separate students into groups of “like” – students who all chose the same website host will work together to create an official presentation to the class about WHY their host is the host with the most.
  4. Students will present.
  5. Teacher will facilitate discussion and questions
  6. Teacher should allow the students to decide what website host they will be using in the form of consensus.
  7. Teacher should distribute website planner.
  8. Teacher will take responsibility for creating the initial website. It will have to be established and students somehow added as editors. This will be dependent on the host that students choose, so it may take some time!
  9. Students should use the website planner as a guide and dummy sketch to pre-plan their webpages.
  10. Congratulations – you have just created your very own news website!


  1. Exit slip: Do you think that eventually print media will be obsolete? Why or why not?